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Create A Wireless Network

Thanks to the wireless network, you can easily and easily share your internet access and printers and media without cable. Nerdy WiFi Names Wireless network setup is usually very easy, and it happens more often in your home or small office. The great thing about wireless networks is that you can add wireless functions to your existing network.

If you want to use wireless networks, it is recommended to use at least Windows XP Service Pack 2. When it is not necessary, it can make connecting wireless networks much easier. In addition, some security issues have been resolved with this security pack

The first step to establish a wireless network is to get the right equipment. Depending on your current setup, there are several options. You currently use a wired router, all of you have a broadband router. However, if you currently use the most popular broadband provider in the ADSL style (UK Standard), then you have to make sure that you buy a router for ADSL modem, the router now provides for an internet connection and other devices. Allows to establish wireless connection. If you were used to earlier dial-up attachments - you should do this for a long time to connect to your computer router - you will automatically connect to the internet.

Your wireless router connection should be quite simple If you came with a router CD that you used, you will be guided through the device quickly. If you have a cable system, or disconnect your previous broadband modem and enter your settings, the original new router router can turn off your existing modem. You should be aware of the status of a pilot light or router. Nerdy WiFi Names This router is different from the router. Therefore, follow the instructions given in your manual.

It has already been mentioned that router CDs are with those who are often the best way to create a safe, active wireless network. However, if you are like me, you want to configure the router settings manually. Here are some common words that you can get back.

- SSID - This is the name of your network. Choose something unique because the creator of the router name is usually referred to. If you try to watch your computer for a router, you want to find the name that is used for your own router.

- WEP or WPA security encryption, which is a type of prevention of access to your Internet connection. With WPA, you can usually use a memorable word when using a password, WEP number and more storage of characters generated randomly.

- Administrator password - this is the only password you can access to your router administration. If there is no relation to your router, then the settings can not be changed. If you use password here, make sure it is an unforgettable password, because you need access to the administrator for a feature that can be for a very long time.

Now your router is set up. We need to understand how a computer connects to the network. It is very easy to do. Nerdy WiFi Names If your computer has a wireless technology, make sure it is turned on. If not, then plug your wireless device into the appropriate port.

The person should see a Wi-Fi icon in the lower left corner of the clock. Right click here and find the wireless network within the range.

The box that appears, you should see a list of networks in your area that are valid for your computer. Wireless technology is so popular now that some different routers can see that neighbors are often there.

In this list, you should see the name that you have entered as an SSID. Double click on it. Now you should say to enter your WPA or WPA key. Enter it.

You should now be connected. Download your favorite internet browser. You should be able to surf on a specific page. Congratulations - you've successfully set up your wireless network!

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