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Networking Guide for Office

The network supports the connectivity of multiple devices and protocols so that they can communicate with each other in the most effective way. The best way to understand this is how the network works, to imagine each component of the network as a layer. Star Wars WiFi Names The version model describing this level model is referred to as the OSI reference model, which has seven layers. All network professionals use it in daily design and engineering work.

For our purposes we can make it easy in three levels:

1. Body level - Cable between machines uses four pairs of your machine (802.3 ethernet NIC) or wireless network adapter (802.11 n, etc.), etc. (usually 100baseT,), the map

2. Data Link, Network and Transportation Level - Responsible for the management of the address, routing, and packetization of data in the network. From your office, Internet Protocol (TCP / IP), Gaming and File Transfer Protocol and VPN Network (PPTP or IPSC) are included in your home (like UDP).

3. And the level of session presentation and application - Office File Sharing and Database Access (NetBIOS Named Pipes, NFS), Web Browsing (HTTP, DNS), Email (Mime, SMTP, POP3) and Internet Security Banking or Shopping (SSL) TLS)

When splitting into such layers, when we buy software or hardware, at what level it works and helps us to understand what it provides for us. Does it provide connectivity, provide access to any other wide area network (for WNN, i.e. Internet), security or my own local area network (i.e. LAN, printer)? This is extremely useful in diagnosing network problems. Network addressing

To send a letter to your friend in the next city or any other country of the world, the postal system will limit the letter to the exact location where your friend lives in the mailbox and matches an address that addresses the home country Need to run at the address level. Digital networks work in locations only by transferring digital data packets.

MAC Address - Media Access Control Address identifies the same hardware on the physical network and it is a long distance plan that has been made globally unique. It is set to hardware at production time. An example of a MAC address is 1a -2-2 F1D-9C7A3C (level 2).

IP address - Internet Protocol address typically uniquely identifies all network interfaces in Internet termination or in your local IP-based network (in the office). In the local or global address space, the IP address should be unique, otherwise you will not know where to send the packet to the IP path protocol. As mentioned above, the IP address assigned to the physical mac address is assigned. The router is stored in the hardware routing table in the map network. Example IP address is (level 4). Addresses are divided into A, B and C categories, each of which has a large address for the needs of large organizations. Small office and home addresses are always assigned to Class C and 192.168.0.nn networks are reserved for all users of a small private network.

DNS name (and server) - Domain name server-based address is the only name that has a specific level of level. We are aware of our Internet domain names in the resource box. In this situation, the DNS name is a 'secret' element of the full address. DNS servers store these hostnames and IP addresses on which they are mapped.

network security

Your home hub / router usually includes the following features, which have security features:

Mac Identification - Use the hardware address of the hardware as a list of authorized hardware to use your network. This is a good basic precaution, but sadly, dedicated hackers will create a famous Mac address and actually get access if they want it. It just stops opportunists.

WEP and WPA wireless networks are the most common forms of encryption and security. Without WEP or WPA keys, your wireless network will be unusable for external people. WEP is now considered very weak, because hackers have suggested ways to crack it quickly, and once it is cracked it is not safe. WPA is a secure system because it is very difficult to crack (with a long passphrase) and there is very little time for absorption after cracking, because encryption is always made for a changing packet. It is like a padlock for TLS encryption cash register. However, the passphrase is as safe as the network protects it. Then choose a dark passphrase.

VPN, SSL / TLS and IPCC Most of us do not even know that we use these techniques, but they all work the same way. They use modern and robust encryption to ensure that private information sent to the public network is not visible to Snoopers. SSL / TLS is widely used, and you can recognize it as encryption when entering credit card information while making a cash register or shopping on the internet.

NAT - Network Address Translation is not really safe, it is about saving the need for rapidly declining IPv4 address on the Internet, but giving the assumption that this is just an address, gives external network protection to your private network address is. (The public address of your router) uses the Internet from your network. This means that outside of ad hoc reach in your local network, internal network devices are more difficult to connect without first connecting (and thus, creating NAT translations).

Specific Network Device Segment - A segment is not really a single device, but there is a network cable that can connect to many computers, but sometimes only one computer. Star Wars WiFi Names It can be useful to think of the device as a stand-alone device because the cable itself works on the limit, resource requirements and network.

Routers - Map the Address Map in place of the address address instead of the address in other address space, which is usually stored in the device's storage by routing tables and protocols.

Hub / switch - Most hubs are referred to as switching hubs, because the port of each hub of the hub operates as its own lane segment, so it can use the full bandwidth of the link Can not be shared on the same LAN.

Firewall - can be a software or dedicated hardware, while the latter is generally considered to be the best. Windows has built-in firewalls, and most consumer home routers are pre-configured and integrated. Define firewall rules that you want to send traffic to your network. Generally, they are pre-configured only to ignore internal initial connections (to prevent ad hoc attacks) and leave traffic on some known secure ports, such as the general for internet, http and ftp. Sometimes there may be a problem with a firewall because they use other ad hoc. You have to create custom rules to solve this problem. Must See:- Best Indian Wireless Names

Wireless Access Point - Wireless Networks are literally Airborne Network Segments. Access points act as an access point and secure the network described in the above security section. In small networks, network devices are often interpreted to explain in a physical device. Because of this, most small office routers include firewalls, hubs and wireless access points. Star Wars Wireless Names However, in the middle of companies or large businesses, personal devices should be more reliable, more powerful and more secure, and therefore are usually dedicated tools for a specific purpose. For example, firewalls can spend $ 100 with a built hub and a router, or the government agency website can spend $ 40,000 on one device.

Benefits of different network types

Wired Network - 802.3 Ethernet, which usually supports 100 MB (KT5C cable) or 1 GB PS (Cat 5E cable) and gives high speed if you are up to date. Most network devices are later compatible and depend on the slow speed of the device in the network. Cable for reliability and speed is best.

Wireless Network - This is defined by 802.11A, B, G, and N Standards (Draft Stage 2.0 at the time of writing this article). Wireless flexibility, roaming and convenience, but the quality of reception can be very different in large or complex buildings. It affects connectivity and connection speed. In addition to the standards, MIMO uses several antennas to increase the signal strength and quality, increase range and increase bandwidth.

Broadband, ADSL and cable - Access to residential and small businesses with relatively quick Internet access, providing access to all fast local telephone lines and fiber optic lines. Implementation uses a different technology standard and you should buy the right router or modem. Depending on the above information about setting up your own home network or small office network, you need to decide what you want. If you are not good, then combining the best of router and hub 802.11n is the best solution. They are now more or less prefabricated and only need access to the Internet. Mobile devices, laptops and desktops can be accessed via Wi-Fi support or network switch ports and fixed desktop cables. Do not forget to enable WPA security with a good mixed alphanumeric and non-alphanumeric passphrase. Star Wars WiFi Names For added security, restrict access to only known MAC addresses.

Troubleshooting my network

There are lots of easy-to-use tools that allow network engineers to diagnose your network problems. It is worthwhile to be familiar with them. To use these tools on Windows, run cmd.exe (start-> run) command-line interpreter and then enter an empty command.

Ping - Using the hostname or address, the network packet is "suspended" from the endpoint. Rather than submarine with Sonar, the name "ping" indicates whether it outputs state-wise data output or not, it confirms whether the endpoint has reached and how long the return trip took.

ipconfig - reports all network information for all network adapters on your PC, including WLAN, cable, MAC address (physical address), IP address, gateway address (router), subnet (host address), host name, connection status , Etc. are included.

Track - Report a route through the network, which requires a packet of data to reach the host. Specifying whether the connection is slow or where it stops on the network, it can indicate that it does not work. Like Ping, the time required for the route has been given.

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